Problems with fullscreen mode
I have some problems with the fullscreen mode here,
isn't it possible anymore to switch between window and fullscreen(alt+enter?)

I'm using the latest PCSX2&GSDX revision from the SVN, compiled with VS2008.

Those options "Default to fullscreen mode on open" and "Use exclusive fullscreen mode" doesn't work at all.
Do they even have a function?

The only way to get into fullscreen is to set a Custom Window size of 1920x1080 while the game runs.
But when i restart PCSX2 and the emulation i have to do the same procedure again.

Is there no way to have auto fullscreen or exclusive fullscreen? (like DX9 fullscreen as it was for many years)

but just switching with alt+enter would be enough for me.

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Hmm, I'm using r2605 right now and fullscreen works fine for me. Alt + Enter does the job.
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...maybe that's why the SVN is in alpha stages and NOT SUPPORTED here. Or we just do it for the lulz and lie to people it has bugs.
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