Problems with grafics
Well hello...I have got a problem...when I start to fight in dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 The landscape is very dark and i can`t see anithing only mi character...Help...
And i have nother problem :The game in the battle run in 30 fps max and i don`t know why its ocurred...
Español:Bueno hola ...yo tengo un problema :cuando empiezo a luchar en el dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 el fondo se ve muy escuro y yo no puedo ver nada solo mi personaje...Ayuda...
i tengo otro problema:el juego en la batalla corre a 30 fps como maximo y yo nose porque ocurre

My pc has: Intel Pentium D ,CPu 2.66 ghz 2.68 ghz.1gb ram and a nvidia geforce 8600 gts

Thank U/Muchas Gracias

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Not a bug report, moved.
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Slow computer will cause slowdowns in game. Pentium D is a very early, and very slow dual core and is not recommended for PCSX2.

As for the dark screen, this is caused by your game not having a known CRC. As such, GSDx doesn't activate the hack necessary to fix that issue. It may already be added to the latest beta (revision 1888) so you should try that first.
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Idon`t understand so good.That means that i need to download a new plugin-video or version of pcsx2?
that means u have to download the latest beta and try it out....
but with that CPU u won't have a decent speed playing games in PCSX2 like Koji said above
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