Problems with katamari
Alright, it took a lot of troubleshooting to actually get the game to work, but I finally got it working. The only problem remaining is that, it's telling me it's running at 60 fps, but it's running like it's in slow motion. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Im almost 100% that is a VU problem, check ur speed hacks and play with the vu slider.
Ok, thank you, that helped noticeably. It didn't fix it 100% though, its still running slightly slower than it should be though, is there a way I could raise the fps limit? I unlimited it earlier and it ran faster than normal the whole time, so maybe if I raised the cap a few frames it would look normal. And my apologies in advance for these stupid questions, I'm not exactly versed in the ways of emulation.
You can use the frame skip option start with the default value and increase if need it.

Edit: Also if u can post ur settings.
I tried frameskipping, but it made the game flicker, so that's out the window. Here's my settings, the only other thing I have changed from standard is one of the gamefixes that skips the opening video.

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Lower the EE cycle rate slider to 0, with it all the way to the left

Messing with that speed hack can cause pcsx2 to display the wrong fps and degrade performance like the slow motion you mentioned above, it should only be used in special cases, and should rarely ever be set higher then 1 notch.
Try moving the EE to 2 and VU to 1(vu in 1 is almost 100% safe in many games), go to vu and ee options and turn the clamp mode to none.

Btw i forget to tell, please post ur cpu specs.
Cpu:AMD Athlon™ II X2 220 Processor 2.8 GHz
Gpu: AMD Radeon HD 6870

Alright your, suggestions helped a little more. Heres my specs.
U should try to oc ur 220 to 3 or 3.2Ghz, thats gonna help, u can even oc that to 3.4Ghz with another cooler(i have a amd regor 245 base speed is the same iirc, and i have mine rnow @3.6Ghz).

amd is quite weak against the intel cpus using pcsx2, so u need more power to play some games in decent speed.
I'll consider it, my pcu is definitely powerful enough. Thanks for the help guys, I'll be replacing my cpu soon anyways.

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