Problems with my PCSX2 installation
Hello Everyone,
I have downloaded the PCSX2 setup but when i tried to run the installation, it displays on my PC that Windows refused to install the program, so i decided to download the 7zip file which also refused to install on my PC. Plz i need ur contributions so that i can successfully PCSX2 on PC. I await ur replies

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does your user account have the necessary rights to install software? and what exactly do you mean by "windows refuses to install the program", what is the exact error message it gives you (screenshots would be nice)?
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Thanks for ur reply. What i mean is that, when i double click on the setup file, it fails to run installation and pops up a message saying WINDOWS CANNOT RUN INSTALLATION. I just registered though i downloaded it 4hrs ago when i've not registered. So what should i do, plz respond.
Are you sure you have the appropriate permissions to install software? ie Do you have administrative rights?

Worst-case is you ignore the installer version and get the Windows binary. Unzip it to any folder you're sure you have read/write access to (My Documents, Desktop) and you'll be good to go, no installation needed.
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You could try installing winrar (can extract .7z files too) althou I doubt it'll be any different to installing 7zip but i cant be sure Tongue

Could ask the administrator to install them or make a new Admin account if you can (if indeed that's the problem), isnt there any other specific error shown?
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