Problems with plugins
Alright so I'm trying to test out some PS2 emulation with my new computer. Everytime I try to play a game with any GS plugin on, it tells me to go and update DirectX, which is a load of crap because it is updated to DirectX 10 already. If I click on yes, the whole thing just freezes on me and doesn't load the page that it says it will. If I click no, it will say there is an error with the GS plugin and it will close.

So then I do some searching and tried out 2 ZeroGS plugins (Zero GS and ZeroGS KOMOS 0.97.1 sse2) Problem is the emulator fails to load either.

So how do I get this emulator to actually work?

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If you bothered to search the forum,this has been asked in an almost daily basis.
Some of the first results a search for 'update directx' gave me:
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