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Problems with smoothess of Crash Bandicoot: TWOC
Hi guys, I'm new to emulating PS2 games. I had been playing Crash Twinsanity for many hours, everything was good. But then I have got problems with The Wrath of Cortex. Actually game looks nice. I can't notice any graphic glitch, but the point is that the game runs very slowly. My PCSX2, shows me that I have 30-40FPS, but everything looks like in bullet-time. It's unplayable, frankly. Could someone help me, give any tip what's going on?

My specs:
Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8 gHz
GeForce 710m 1GB
Win 10 x64.

I know that my CPU isn't best but Twinsanity was going on very smooth and nice.

Sorry for mistakes if I've made any.

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twinsanity is less demanding than wrath of cortex. Keep playing it on your real PS2 for now, or buy a decent PC. that one won't cut it.
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TWOC is very demanding too, even for good rig. You need an OP rig for it.
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Thanks guys, so the topic may be closed I think.

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