Problems with starting BIOS
Hey guys,

I just recently downloaded the new 0.9.7 version of PCSX2 (didnt have the older version) and tried to set it up. But since the first-time-configuration is kinda different from that whats shown in the guide, I kinda screwed up in the last step. It asked me to select a Bios from the list, but the list is empty Tongue And I have no idea what to insert there, cause the only thing I have is an .iso file. Any instructions? (added Screenshot)

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You have to dump BIOS from your PS2.
Sorry, for asking again, as it probably is totally plain and simple, but how do i "dump" the bios? =)
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(10-11-2010, 07:39 PM)jesalvein Wrote:

Sorry to tell you, but just linking the guide, I actually read AND mentioned before is not really going to help me...

Even though im saying this, I have to facepalm myself. Found the bios dumper on the PCSX2 Website, so its solved Wink

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