Problems with stopping/restarting emulation
I like to hit escape to stop the emulation as a way to pause the game while I go eat, shower, or whatever. The problem is that sometimes when I do this, the PCSX2 window doesn't pop up, and I'm left with just the black console window. I'm forced to just close the program completely, which sucks. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen?

Also, sometimes when I try to start the emulation back up again after an extended period of time, I get a really glitchy sounding looped sound effect and no music/sound works- when I look at the console it says: "ZeroSPU2: Waiting for thread..." and if I try to stop and restart emulation, closing the output window just closes it and leaves me with the black box, like I talked about above.

Any help?

Also, my save states never work, when I try to reload them it says

"Error: Savestate dad is corrupted or incomplete
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- ZeroSPU2 has some threading issues, so when you get the message you ran into that. Expect emulation to break soon Tongue2
- The gui problem is known, but no fix is available. We're working on a completely new gui that fixes this (and other issues).
- No idea about the savestate issue, maybe it's related to you using ZeroSPU2. Go with SPU2-x instead please.
Esc+resume isnt really stable so not much of a surprise there ad what you describe happens from time to time, best way would be figuring why your savestates dont work correctly. For starters i'd try changing your sound plugin to SPU2-X as it's better for save states, and making sure to use LilyPad as controller plugin for both 1st and 2nd controllers.
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Okay, I'm using SPU2-X now, but it didn't fix my problem. I did, however, find out that saving/loading savestates in-game with F1/F3 works fine, but it doesn't work if I do it through the menu. Oh well, whatever. haha.

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