Probs with Raiden III, trying to make .iso, Take 2
**Fine by me. Let's try this again**

I decided I'd try and see how my copy of Raiden III works out on PCSX2, so I put the disc into my disc drive and I ended up doing a little happydance when I discovered I could play the thing at full speed with no speed hacks on my wonderfully craptastic computer, but it seems no matter what I do, I get periodic freezeframe sprees where the entire game will freeze for a good 2-3 seconds, then play at a full 60 fps for about 1 second, then freeze again, and it will repeat this several times until it inexplicably decides to behave and run full speed again for who knows how long.. the times this happens are not at all consistent. I'm not sure what the problem could be. It does not happen at all on my real, unmodded PS2 (and for what it's worth, it's an old fat one).
Now I have had incredible problems running some games straight off of the disc (this is the part where I glare angrily at my copies of XG3 and XGRA... hell, even WipEout 3 and Descent PSX for the problems I have with them on EPSXE) that I do not want to get into, so before I go really trying anything I wanted to see if simply making a disc image as an .iso would help out. As an added plus, I won't have to go about putting the disc in every single time I wanna play Raiden III on my computer (I like to broadcast emulated games to some friends over tinychat at times)... and images tend to load a lot faster, too.

Now Raiden III is a blue disc. I'm not sure if this really means much though. I will note that I am using Windows 7 Home Edition x64 for what it is worth. Normally when I want to make an image file out of a disc, I just pop it in and fire up ImgBurn because it does the job. Not so this time. Instead, when I choose to make a .iso it brings up a box saying... well I forgot exactly what it says, but that basically.. I suppose.. I'm not supposed to try to make .iso files of this kind of disc? Well I continued anyway but when it starts reading through the disc it just sits at 0%. I left the room for a bathroom break, come back, and it is still at 0%. I attempt to cancel the operation and nothing happens (certainly, it says stuff in the white box that it's going to start closing it I guess, but nothing happens after that). Now here is where things start to get weird.
I attempt to close ImgBurn by clicking the "x" button to close the window and absolutely nothing happens. No big deal, I'll just go into task manager and shut off the process itself through there, right? Well I succeed in closing the window, but the process itself stays in the task manager no matter how many times I try to kill it. Trying to close it is like trying to tell a rock to jump. Even better is that some other programs will also begin to exhibit extremely similar behavior, such as Oracle VM VirtualBox. I'm not exactly sure what I need to do to get this disc into an .iso now. What would be the best approach to making a working one since the way I'm doing it only seems to break stuff?
If nothing else, I'll put up with the freezing as best as I can if it turns out it can't be helped but I really would appreciate help with making an image of the disc.

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Simply removing the "downloaded game" part doesn't change a thing, you admitted pirating the game.

Please don't open any more threads about this.
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