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Program not recognizing iso
Using Windows 7 and pcsx2 1.4.0

The application starts just fine, but I reach a pinkish screen where it asks me to put in a disc.  I have it selected to "Iso" in the CDVD tab, with the appropriate iso selected in the Iso Selector menu.  I've been looking through a bunch of threads of people with similar problems as well as the stickied threads and have yet to find a solution.  I switched the CDVD plugin to Linuz, but that had no effect.  I've tried multiple different games (Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter and Dark Cloud 2 to name a couple), and multiple different isos of each made made from multiple different programs (including the often recommended ImgBurn) to no success.

I'm starting to think I'm missing something very simple.  Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

EDIT: Never mind, I'm stupid. I forgot to extract the files first, and for some reason made isos from the zipped files. Not a great showing from me. Everything is working fine now.

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Wondering why you zipped them in the 1st place...
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