Program remembers each game's settings, makes it commandline executable & GAMEEX....
Ok, I need help. I can kinda sorta get pcsx2 working with the GameEx frontend, just need some more instructions.

First off its very possible to remember settings for each individual game with a program from here

This is very cool, just unzip to your pcsx2.exe folder.

The program can even be launched via commandline

for example

D:\Emulators\PS2\pcsx2>pcsx2ConfigSaver.exe "YOURROM'sNAME"

Now if u wanna help me get this working with GameEx (and I'm sure u do), don't just name your files any old name inside pcsx2ConfigSaver, instead name them the same as the file your using with the appropriate extension.

Example if your file is named SuperAwesomeGame.iso then name it in pcsx2configsaver, SuperAwesomeGame.iso, just like the original file.

Now in GameEx Setup some random emulator you'll never use and change all the names like start screen and such to PS2.

Direct the rom folder to where your stored iso(s) are for PS2 games. Direct the working path to the folder where pcsx2ConfigSaver.exe/pcsx2 is stored.

On the commandline input section put

pcsx2ConfigSaver.exe "[RomFile]"

If u run GameEx in windowed mode (ALT+ENTER) u can see gameEx is correctly launching pcsx2 games, but in fullscreen it doesn't go straight to the game as GameEx's window is running on top of Pcsx2 (pcsx2 is working, you just can't see it), and when exiting it doesn't return correctly to GameEx. It acts on the quitting and launching of Pcsx2ConfigSaver instead.

Any help, any GameEx ExPerts?

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