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Project Unification - Comprehensive Cheat Manager for PCSX2
scratch that....

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Forget what I said earlier. Good news; After thinking of new ways to write the code importation algorithm, I had an epiphany! Batch importing WILL be coming to the next version of Project Unification (which will be released before 12/31/2017)

I thought of a new way of writing the code importation algorithm so that batch importing PNACHs (as many PNACHs at once as you want....) should work. Also, the new way that I've thought of writing the code should allow for a somewhat more forgiving importation process. (i.e. codes set to disabled "//patch=....") should import correctly. This still won't be perfect (imported PNACH files will still need to mostly be in the correct format), but it will be a better experience overall.

Expect at least two or three new features to be included as well as this. (So far, I plan to add the ability to name cheat profiles on a per game basis as well as a way to easily export codes for the next release.)
Status update - I've finished writing the code to batch import PNACH files, and it works VERY well (minus some rare possible issues). Users will be able to import as many PNACHs at once to the database as they want, I've implemented a progress bar (as the process can be somewhat time intensive if you are importing a large number of PNACHs), improved the algorithm and logic to allow for more PNACH file format variations, improved the exception (error) handling logic, and also created an error log box just incase any errors do occur so that they can easily be identified. It came out to almost 500 lines of code to get all this working....

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