Project Zero (Fatal Frame) issues

I recently unboxed my PS2 out of my cellar. (And you won't believe how easily dust goes into boxes... Glare). Anyway, I've plugged it on my HDTV and Blink... I was like "there must be an emulator somewhere on the internet that would make better graphics" and I was right so I download it. Hardly manage to get the bios out of my PS2 (which is PAL btw). And then try it within PCSX2 (0.9.7rev3878) : Great the bios boots ! Biggrin

Next stage was to rip games, easier though than bios dumping. Then I try to boot "Project Zero" (It's also known as Fatal Frame in US or Zero in JP). So everything goes fine, cutscenes are slow (but graphics are better so I'm happy Biggrin )

I manage to get ingame, Mafuyu is on its way inside the manor : GOOD ! Laugh I play, following the corridors, flashing the ghost, open the back door, capturing another upstair ghost, getting upstairs and picking up a diary.

That's when things goes evil... Angry THe scene is followed by a ghost battle but no matter I aim at "it", I get no blue circle as on the PS2... What's wrong here ?... I do the same on the PS2 (with those ugly graphics... Glare ) I manage to "kill" "it" in 4 shots...

Did I missed something in the configurations ? Or this game is considered broken for now ?

Thanks in advance for your answers y'all. Happy

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Ah, you may not like this answer as it gets rid of all your hard work! There is an issue with the GSDX plugin when you use hardware mode, so you have to switch to software for ghost battles. You can do this on the fly using F9 (i think), but the graphics will look just like they do on the PS2 when you do it ;p
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Wacko... I think you've just "fatal frame"-ed me...
Okay I understand, I will use my PS2 instead, and hope that the dev team will solve this issue soon Smile

Oh by the way, is it possible that newer SVN solve this issue ? I could try to compile the whole pack. Smile
Nothing much has changed in functionality since the latest beta so the problem is likely to be there still.
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