Ps1 memory to Ps2 memory
hey guys.
i was wanting to play thru the suikoden games. and was going to start with the first, because u can import save data from the prievious games for unlockables.

Is there a way to play and save a ps1 game? or maybe is there a way to get the emu to "recognize" a ps1 card?
I probly wont play this series unless i can load data from suikoden(ps1)-into Suikoden2(Ps1)-into Suikoden3(ps2)

Any ideas?



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PCSX2 doesn't emulate PS1 games. As for importing a save, I'm not sure there is any way to convert PS1 saves to PCSX2 PS2 format (the PS2 wouldn't likely recognize a PS1 card save on a PS2 card anyways) and it doesn't (currently) natively read PS1 memory card saves that I'm aware of.
I have done it before moving my suikoden 2 save to a Pcsx2 memory card then using it on Pcsx2 with suikoden 3.

I forgot how to do it I just remember finding the instructions in a google search. But I remember it being something like using the various memory card management tools both for pcsx2 and ePSXe. First you had to get the individual suikoden 2 save off the PS1 memory card and convert it to a .raw format. Then directly add it to the pcsx2 memory card using myMC. In the myMC menu and in the PS2 bios the save showed up as a corrupted file, but it was indeed the imported suikoden 2 save as when you run suikoden 3 on pcsx2 it recognizes the file as your S2 import.
It's really simple and I don't think it maters what save you will use to get the unlockables(with 100% completed Suikoden 2 save or not)

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