Ps2 Disc Question
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Ps2 discs. This is probably in the wrong section so I apologize if so.

When I put my game discs into my ps2 sometimes I get a "disc error" and it won't load. When I put the same disc into my pc and run it with PCSX2, it runs without a problem. Would this be because my ps2 is having troubles reading the disc?(It's old, disc reader is bad, it's also a modded ps2) Or would it be that it's just easier to run it through PCSX2 in general with the hardware?

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I'd say the laser lens on your PS2 is going out.
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Yur ps2 have a problem case call-Tired lazer lent.
Alright, thank you both! I figured that was that problem and just wanted to double check on it.
The same problem occor with me too ! That was the lens which created it! :-) but really that problem rarely seen in anyones ps2! Lol
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I read that "Diagnosis" in the PS2 settings is meant for this problem.

EDIT: I just found this guide:
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