Ps3 Control no longer working windows 7 64 bit
i have been using my ps3 control on my pc with motion joy for a few months now. It has suddenly decided to stop working. The control is no longer recognised when it is plugged in and in devices and printers it is labelled HID-compliant game controller and says it is in need of troubleshooting. When i troubleshoot it says it cant identify the problem. In the properties it says no drivers are installed but when i update or try to install the drivers manually it says the drivers are up to date. When i click load drivers in motion joy version 7.100000 it freezes and i have to close it. My pc bluescreened the other day and i have read that motionjoy can cause a lot of problems. Does anybody know what has gone wrong and if and how i can fix it, this is really bugging me.


Edit** When i try to uninstall the device in device manager it freezes, i have left it for over an hour with no luck. Seems anything to do with the drivers for it doesnt work

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Go into safemode and uninstall that junk, then install this
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do i have to uninstall the drivers for the control? Anything to do with the drivers wont work it just freezes up and i have to close everything.
That's why I said to go into safe mode and do it.
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Yes you have to uninstall the MotioninJoy drivers and anything associated with it. Make sure you remove MotioninJoy correctly because if you don't do it in a specific way, it'll just re-install itself. The note towards the end of my post gives you more info:

Using that post, you shouldn't really have any problems setting up SCP and getting everything working. If you do run into issues though, feel free to let us know and we will try to help you as best as we can. Good luck!
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