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Ps3 Controller and Pcsx2
Hello everyone. I plugged in my Ps3 controller, downloaded the appropirate driver and set up the controls but it doesn't not seem to work when i upload KH2. How do i make it work so i can use my Ps3 controller?

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Anyone? :/
Are you using MAC? Because if not, it was pretty stupid to post this here.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Obviously i'm using a mac...Why would it be here if i wasn't?
Because most don't (sad but true Tongue)
Which controller plugin does the MAC port use? If it's not Lilypad I think you're busted...
Check that, but doubt it will help with MAC (mainly because it's for windows...):
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I cannot use Lilypad and that is a tutorial for windows. zedr0n and others got the controller working but mine wont seem to work.
I'm using the driver from, and it seems to just work with ZeroPad, does configuration window in pcsx2 allow you to adjust controls with the controller?
It lets me, comes up as JPov with a number. I.E JPOV12 for instance. And then it wont execute in game.
hey, i have the same problem with ffxii. i downloaded the driver then connected my ps3 controller and configured it with zeropad but whenever i try to start the game it doent load. it works fine when i unplug the controller thou. help?
Weird, i haven't tested it on 0.9.6 though, I'll check if I broke smth

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