Psychonauts Model Glitches & Tales of Legendia Uncharacteristically Slow
Two pronged question, firing away!

My first issue is with Psychonauts. Upon reaching the opening menu (running around the brain), it appears that the main character's model is severely deformed. More specifically, his arms are a few hundred sizes too big. While some games might consider this a blessing, and even a cheat code, it is far from desirable for me. What's worse is that the framerate steadily drops from there on out, going from a solid 60 to single digits. Will attach a pic. It's not that the blur bothers me, I had enough of that with Abyss and I'm more than used to it. But GOOD GOD, THOSE ARMS.

Second issue is with Legendia. Sweet mother of god, is it slow. Normally I'd be fine with this, understanding that my computer just can't handle the might that is this emulator, but I wouldn't exactly classify my computer as a spindly little piece of trash. Will attach a pic of my specs instead of Legendia, because I don't know how I can capture its speed in a still life. I'm not that great of an artist.


As far as settings go, I've got them all set to working defaults, though I've tweaked them a bit and I'm not sure how far off the mark they are now. I can take some caps if necessary. PCSX2 version is (svn) Oct 5 2010. It's done just fine with Tales of the Abyss and FFX so far, but I know that doesn't mean a thing overall.

Could just be the ISO in both cases. I downloaded two separate Psychonaut ISOs, and only one for Legendia.

If there's anything lacking in my post, be it regulation or information, I apologize and please let me know. I read through all the stickies I could find, but it's still awfully early in the morning, and as a human I'm liable to make errors. More than willing to fix any and all of them, though!

Help, thoughts, or even lighthearted criticisms are welcomed, and even if you're just passing through, thanks for reading my case~

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Need to use software mode in GSdx for Tales of Legendia (F9 while playing).
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
I did give that a shot, as I had read it in a previous thread, and it did fix both the menu glitches and initial lack of framerate, though temporarily. By the time the first fight rolled around, the FPS had already dropped to staggering teens and the characters were talking in slurred, drunken dialect.

Also read that hardly anyone gets that game working -perfectly-, but I didn't check what date that thread was created on, so who knows. The record might've been broken!

Thanks for the response, by the way ;D

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