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Public Contributions to the Compat List! - READ THIS IF YOU EVER WANT IT!
This thread heavily relates to PCSX2.net - Redesign.

Put this here, as more people browse this forum than the feedback forum (hey feedback on the redesign will ensure you get a better site people Tongue).

The compat list will probably never go into the realms of public domain.

However this re-design allows me to work upon ideas and expansions that I've wanted to create for sometime.

Deep Test - My personal definition of a "deep test", is I will start the game under PCSX2, and complete it under PCSX2, if its an RPG, I will aim to do every side quest, every "perfectionism" aspect and not skimp on the hours put in.

Obviously this is a rarity, games are usual judged playable after a "detailed, branching test", and "continued random area" testing.

Out of the 270 games I have, only 12 would come under the catagory "deep tested".

This is where you the public could get involved. A forum will be setup, for you the user to submit deep test reports. Pick a game thats listed playable and you own, and play it from start to finish.

You would have to submit evidence of full "play through", including screenshots taken from the range of the game (not trillions, but a fair amount), save files, preferably saving alot to show progression (eg, use as many slots as you can).

Plugin spec, and build with a report detailing bugs, issues or oddities that you encountered (obviously, they can't be game breaking bugs, as the game wouldn't even make the playable catagory).

Once a submission has been accepted by the admin, dev and testing panel, the compat list would be amended with a "star" next to the game, "starred" games would become a filter on the site, and you will be credited with the deep test.

So this thread is for you to firstly announce interest in this, concerns and quieries.

Make no mistake though, global testing for the five status's will remain in the hands of the dedicated testing team, as the reports from them we relie upon for accuracy and large volumes of data provided.
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great thing man,i would love to contribute as far as i can,keep it up
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[Image: 17715.png]
Well its almost 4am, so off to sleep, nice to see some results coming in and alittle feedback. Screenshot below is my current work on PCSX2.net, the expand button will be illustrated tomorrow Wink

[Image: 4130118876_5a2f553545_o.png]
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I thought it was a great idea to make the compatibility list fully public driven (see my sig.). But maybe PCSX2 fans are not so active after all (or at least most of them doesnt know about/want to be involved in a wiki-style work) so it was never much of a movement in there. I wish you luck with this as the official initiatives could work out much better.
Please check out http://wiki.pcsx2.net
Find your favorite game and correct its page. You may help others looking for that info!
Yeah, I'd love to see this happening, but unfortunately, I couldn't take part in that deep testing.
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An official public run list would be great. I'd definitely contribute. The only problem I can foresee is that some of the people who are snubbed for whatever reason on the forum would flood it with false information.
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i would contribute too, i already finished many ps2 games from start to end on PCSX2. and i still have much more to go.
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Prototype for the compatibility section.

New features include:
  • Region Filters
  • The abilty to save your personal filter preferences
  • New filter to display ONLY games tested with the current release
  • Direct link to patch file
  • Tester and testers machine information
  • Framerate data based on testers machine
  • Notes and details relating to the game and specific fixes, errors, workarounds and issues
  • Multiple Screenshots
  • On page key

FEEDBACK WANTED - This is a key component to PCSX2.net and to the PCSX2 community as a whole, if you like it, hate it or want things different, now is the time to voice your opinion, because once this gets to coding stage, you're fresh out of luck, and I stop caring Wink

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I actually had to delete most of my thread before posting because I basically relooked at the picture and saw it had everything I was going to suggest...

You have filters setup for the latest version of PCSX2, filters to turn off region, etc...

The only thing that I can suggest is when you have the full list non-filtered that they be organized based on playability with all the full working topics at the top working down to those that are completely unplayable that way people looking at the compatibility list will see those and try the options they contain first.
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I voted for 'very interesting' but unfortunately I may not be able to contribute... I would love to when I get time though.

Very great idea and pro-active thinking CKemu, great job. I hope it helps make the PCSX2 project much easier and the community more helpful in PCSX2's development. Smile
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