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Pushed: [Bug Report] Shadow Man: 2econd Coming - Missing Textures
On all versions PCSX2 i and all users have this bug - missing textures ingame and in movies. Current version pcsx2 : v1.5.0-dev-2540-ge1fcd569e-4491-vs2017. This is old proplem, but cannot fix in that time. My PC Specs : Intel i5-3570K, GTX 660 Ti, DDR3-1600 8 Gb, Windows 8.1, latest drivers. Nvidia driver : 399.07

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There's already an issue for this on Github:

Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Pushed and has been posted as an issue in our Github repository HERE

Issue link:

This thread will now be moved in the Pushed bug reports subforum.

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