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Pushed: [Bug Report] True Crime: Streets of LA [NTSC]
It won't work!

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I'm curious, what happens if you try to play the game without creating a save file?
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I have everything...
If you don't click anything it freezes after roughly the same amount of time no matter what you do.

Speaking of that, I've tried slowing it down and speeding it up but that doesn't help either.
Have you tried playing with gamefixes like the EE Timing Fix etc? Also changing to the SuperVU's?
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SuperVU's are what made it last like 2 seconds longer on the menu before freezing but it doesn't fix it. None of the game fixes seem to do anything either.
Yeah, that's a VU rec problem. Cotton knows about it, I believe.
(06-03-2011, 11:03 PM)rama Wrote: Yeah, that's a VU rec problem. Cotton knows about it, I believe.

did you spy on me? Tongue2

i saw this thread and tested the game and was trying to see why mVU fails with it a couple days ago; but i didn't tell anyone Biggrin

anyways the game gets stuck in some infinite loop with mVU, i don't know why. it also seems to recompile a block with an illegal instruction which mVU by default stops compilation for that block. however even after altering this behavior to continue recompiling, the game still gets stuck in an infinite loop with mVU.
i don't really have any leads on what is happening, there are various programs being run and its hard to debug the problem.

but, even if the mVU problem(s) are fixed, i don't think the game is playable.
the game still hangs a few seconds later from some tlb miss with sVU, or in mVU debug builds which are able to exit out of inf loops.

i think its problems are not entirely VU related but something else. which is why it still doesn't work with sVU.
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I have same problem mate...can't run True Crime City: New York
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Pushed and has been posted as an issue in our Github repository HERE

Issue link:

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