Python BIOS/ROM editor
I am looking for any/all information on the structure of a dumped BIOS, and on the files within. Instead of running FMCB (since there are no intentions of MG support, for good reason), I want to be able to just patch a dump with the appropriate files regardless of model or region (within reason) making a tool that may be useful not only to myself.

Before you say "psx-scene", I am there too. Before you say "look at the source", I am. I am here looking for any knowledge from experience working with/modifying the BIOS file dumps. The more I know before I start, the faster/better I can write this. Smile
SIG: Please don't mistake my periodic brevity for anger. I simply don't wish to waste your time with too many words. I wish to cut down on the "TL : DR" responses I might get.

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