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Q: Direct 3D or OpenGL
Just a question guys, what's the recommended video setting to use for PCSX2, is it Direct3D or OpenGL? I've notice in Dragon Quest 8, the shadows works in OpenGL but not sure if OpenGL is still good to use or not, would like some opinions on it.

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It depends, if you have an Nvidia graphics card, definitely go for OpenGL, if you have an AMD or Intel graphics card, you should go for DirectX
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It can differ from game to game, just try both and pick what works for you. OpenGL currently has more accurate features, but dx can run smoother on some GPUs.
Nice, thanks fellas, I've notice OpenGL seems to work better for me since i do have an nvidia card, so just wanted to get a clear answer on it, appreciate it guys, thank you.
OGL is better for MGS3 too I believe, right? (In terms of accuracy and less bugs)
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(11-06-2015, 11:07 PM)Ryudo Wrote: OGL is better for MGS3 too I believe, right? (In terms of accuracy and less bugs)

Last time i tried the opengl plugin in v1159 version i was suprised how well it goes. I didnt try many games though. I have AMD card and didnt notice much slowdown. Not sure the reason, probably coding skills of devs Smile   5xxx generation stays at ogl 4.4 at pcsx2 didnt missed any extensions.

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