[Q] FFX- 2 Looping issue
First off I'd like to say hello to the pcsx community and say thank you to all of the devs that have created this program.

With that said here is my dilemma. At the moment I am playing FFx-2, I am currently at the end of chapter 3 at the killika temple and everytime I defeat ifrit and it goes to the cutscene where Yuna is suppose to jump down the hole it doesn't play out that way.Instead it just loops back to the beginning of the mission.

My specs are:
I5 3750k7750
8gb ram
Radeon hd 7750
I have tried a bunch of different builds. 1.0, 1.1.0 (svn), 0.9.9, and 0.9.8 this keep crashing everytime I tried to start the game though

Hacks, I only have skipdraw set to 2. Cheats with codebreaker. That is all that Ican think of hand.

I have also tried play this game in different ways iso, and from a disc with the same result.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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There are some cheats that break some flags in the game resulting into being unable to proceed in story at some point. One of them is the 100% complete cheat that will break the game from the first mission.
(09-25-2012, 09:49 PM)VIRGIN KLM Wrote: There are some cheats that break some flags in the game resulting into being unable to proceed in story at some point. One of them is the 100% complete cheat that will break the game from the first mission.

You sir are a life saver. after days of searching and skimming, this was the cause. Disabled cheats and viola simple as that.

Thank you very much.

Not sure how exactly things are done on this forum. But this can be closed or marked as solved if need be.
I had actualy the same issues with that game when I went back to record the cutscenes. It seems that when you encounter a point that is crucial to the calculation of the game's percentage, it checks it's current percentage value. The game's machanism to avoid a hang if the value is higher than the normaly/fairly without cheats aquired one is reset the flag and loop through the last one until it is able to override it. I had the same issue on Kingdom Hearts 1 once when I beat the last boss before Hollow Bastion. After that I got magicaly teleported invisible in the room you fight Maleficent (no sound and no music) and I had to proceed through empty rooms until I reach again that level I once was and beat again that Boss. Long story short, this caused me being forced to beat the story of each world after this one twice until the end of the game that I had to beat the Boss twice again. My point is when this happens, try to think which cheat may affect a flag in your game and try to think how a regular flag would look and correct the value manualy.
Say no to cheat codes....
I'll keep the thread open so that others might find this information.
Cheats really do mess up games Tongue2
What's wrong with the hate against cheats? I'm getting irritated by cheat haters because they act like grown ups yet they fail on it. If you know what you're doing then it's ok. Also generaly putting everything in the can of cheating is not correct. There are cheats that can extend ALOT the life and the overal experience of a game doing stuff that you were never intended doing in a game, from costum matches to accessing unused materal of the game, like areas, characters, missions etc.
So my point is that cheating is not bad unless you know exactly why and how you do it and people should deal with it.
Well, at my point of view, I don't hate cheats and in fact, I used them too sometimes. But the only thing is that there's no REAL challenge by using them. The save states is already like 'cheat' (I mean...well, if dead or make wrong move, we can undo immediately without having to restart the level, checkpoints,whatsoever...).
And I don't think anyone hate cheats... except for those who don't know how to use cheats, or meet this issue and don't know how to fix it...OR someone who is looking for more challenging gaming...Laugh
Sorry, we won't just "deal with" bogus bug reports that take up our time investigating problems that don't exist.
I'm not saying I hate cheats or people that cheat (lol?), I just want people to realize they have the potential to break games.
I was not pointing at you rama, actually I was not pointing at anybody, I put that post before people would start their favorite game about cheat hating. I know what you mean and I know we both laugh when people report things as bugs that are so obviously caused by cheats that make them publicaly rediculated, but since you said that you'll leave that post open for the sake of evidence I wanted to leave my word too to discourage any of those average cheat haters and bring balance!

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