Q about specs / Zone of the enders 2
i recently upgraded my computer from / to

[Image: naamloosuu.png]

[Image: myspecsq.png]

i know its good enough but i would like to know whats needed to improve to get the BEST performance for running pcsx2, like btr processor, more mb ram, etc

as for Zone of the enders 2

settings PCSX2 0.9.8 (if there are better plugins to use let me know i try those)

[Image: pcsx2coresettingseeiop.png]

the game runs good but has some FPS lag during fights, when i record (i use fraps) the game runs normal but during boss fights the FPS drops greatly down to 40-50s, i know theres a record system inside pcsx2 i tried thos but the quality / performance were horrible. i would like to know which 1 is the BEST to use w/o lag n has as good quality as fraps it self (the GB use of fliles doesnt matter)

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try enabling the ee and vu hacks, ee to 2 and vu to 1 or 3(i dont recomend 3) that should help to gain a few fps.
Definitely enable the speedhacks panel to get the recommended speed hacks.
Yeah, don't expect this game to always keep full speed.
It never did for me (especially in boss fights).
4got about the speed hacks it helped a lil.

thers still this graphic bug tho

[Image: unledijx.png]
Is the bug present with software rendering?

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