QT Issue: Config per game
O have been trying some config per game. gpu options precisely. 
Now even tho new created ini is being opened for reading (according to log) 
it doesnt actually apply the changes

  10.6269] Loading game settings from 'E:\PCSX2_test\gamesettings\SCUS-97328_77E61C8A.ini'...

upscale_multiplier = 4

InputProfileName = ds

None of the above is actually applied to emulator once game starts?

Image in game to show that it didnt apply the ini profile
[img]<br />https://i.imgur.com/0z8QdcN.jpg<br />[/img]

Unless its actually just visual bug, while setting is actually applied?
In that case i apologize and ignore the post.

Came to conclusion that config file works. Its just updating in gui and as result cant actually make any changes to game profile while game is running.
Would be nice to get that up and working properly and settings saved into config file as change is being made while game is running

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