QT and fullscreen
Hey guys, since people post here problems about QT I thought why not (bug report section seems to be for games) Tongue

So with the new QT interface, going in fullscreen works but going back to windowed goes wrong :
- the emulator may freeze and I need to Ctrl+Alt+Suppr to end the process, do as intended (rarely) or stop displaying the game in the window (separate from the main window), so I guess the fullscreen needs more time and work.
- but more imprtantly going to fullscreen and leaving it also mess up with the HDR of Windows, the screen become really dark (I need to disconnect the windows user to get color/light back), I tried with the Wx and no problem, disabling HDR in windows settings and no problem even in QT. Anyone else got that?

Have to wait for a fix I guess? Wx could easily be used instead until then.

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