[QUESTION] Xenosaga Ep 1
Hello every one. Few days ago i've upgraded my processor into a 2quad Q8300 (2.5Ghz) and i'm a big fan of J-RPG so after having playing Xenogears i wanted to try Xenosaga (before Xenoblade). The run great ( between 40 and 60 fps in normal mode and 40 and 55 in battle mode) BUT in some part of the game (like the start when shion first meet KOS MOS) the GS is very high (around 100%). I've havnt try other games now but i wanted to know if some one could tell if it's "normal" because i know that some games are very high in GS or can it be fixed (ps : i've tried on the 9.8 and 9.7 versions).

Also i wanted to know if going on windows 7 (64 bit could help for having some fps ?) actualy im on windows xp 32 bit so no directx 10 or 11.

By the way my pc run on a

Gforce 9800 GT
2Gb ram DDR2 800mhz freq
Q8300 2 quad 2.5Ghz

have a nice day and thank's a lot !!!!

PS: i would buy the game but i'm french so it doesn't work on french ps i'll only buy it for my collection

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Since you modded your PS2, jp games Will run on it.
This game is very demanding and i' m affraid your specs are a bit low.
Using dx 10 may help a bit ...
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Yes, it's "normal", mainly because this game hates the speedhacks.

Going to Windows 7 64 will does not solve this specific case, your CPU is slow to keep the pace without speed hacks for many games and repeating myself, this game hates them.
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Xenosaga I is very nice but i have a problem (see screenshot & ignore the shadow lines that are caused by upscaling).

Can anyone tell me how the @#$% am i supposed to access the EVS simulator when i get booted to the PS2 bios every time???

L.E: AAH nevermind i finally got into that menu ffs XD

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the shadow lines are caused by not using the default skipdraw of 3 actually.
wow i didn't know that thanks Smile .
Ok thank's for the answers so nothing can be done for the GS too bad.
Does the other ep (2 and 3 have a similar problem ?) And i know that my spec are a bit low but better than my old 2 core E2140 .
xenosaga series are demanding, whatever the episode.
Whether you upgrade your PC, or you play it on your PS2
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Ok thank's a lot seens gonna buy a magic swap ^^' thank you again for all the answers.
Elsa Save Point = Don't use it. It'll never work.
Alternatively use the Dock Colony EVS / Save Point or even the Durandal one. You can still use the EVS functions by going into the menu like you would usually do for the Elsa's.

Episode 1 is very CPU demanding, 3.5 GHz had trouble in AGWS battles. Episode 2 is okay (until disk 2-ish at least) and 3 is a big laggy, probably more than 1.

Anywho, kinda an expert on the series now as I've just been through all 3 (well not 2, it's too boring).
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