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[QUESTION] Xenosaga Ep 1
I can reproduce the skipping on with the VU speedhack only when set to 3.

the vu hack has other negative affects in other aspects of the game too but the EE hack is fine and has not caused performance issues since 0.9.6.
the game itself has a skippy camera without any hacks but its not noticebly worse with the EE hack on 1. the performance gained during battle isn't to scoff at either.

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(05-18-2011, 06:53 PM)andutrache Wrote: It worked for me once (the Elsa save point i mean), but only once and i have no idea what i did XD.
With my 4.2 Ghz processor i can do AGWS battles with up to 3 AGWS (including enemy) without lagging, more than 3 starts lagging with like -7 fps per AGWS.

As far as I know, the AGWS lag comes from the GPU. Back when I played XS 1, the GS% skyrocketed during Mecha battles.
Intel i5 3450
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EE 80-90 %, GS 50-60% so no.

[Image: hqk0cw-6.png]
the AGWS is GS related, DirectX is the bottleneck.

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