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Qemu USB Wheel/Storage mod (Singstar test)
Oh well, probably I missed that. Thank you!

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(08-12-2018, 10:52 AM)jackun Wrote: Did you download and use the formatted FAT32 image and unpacked it?

The mass-storage fails if it cannot load its setting, then it should print "usb-msd: Could not load settings" to console or if it cannot open image file. Click Misc > Show console from PCSX2 menu.

Hello sir, first of all thank you for making the plugin, playing racing games on PCSX2 would never be such immersive experience without your effort!

However, I've used the image you provided, hooked it up to the emulator, pictures from GT4 was successfully transferred to the image file, but how do I get those pictures out from it? Tried to mount it with Daemon Tools but it said the image was locked.


Nevermind!! I tried to use 7zip to open the image file after shutting down the emulator, now I can admire my photos!!  Biggrin Biggrin



Now here comes another problem... Tourist Trophy doesn't seem to recognize my wheel, used the same setting as I play GT4 and wheel settings doesn't even show up in Options menu. Will try playing around with settings and see if there's any other way to make it work.
Hi there!
I'm trying to get my G25 to work with this and GT4.

I've got it working in DInput mode, but apparently, I should be using raw input? Is there a difference? Force feedback feels a bit weird, and I'm not sure if that's an issue with using DInput or something about my wheel (it is ancient). 

I can't get raw input to work properly. The controls are all messed up, even if I define them in the configuration app, nothing seems to be assigned correctly.

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