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Qemu USB Wheel/Storage mod (Singstar test)
Hey, I also just downloaded your little add-on, and it works perfectly in GT4. I do have some questions though, what's the difference between Driving Force Pro and Driving Force Pro v11? They both seem to work in GT4, but v11 doesn't work in Burnout 3. You've also got the ramp for variable effect, but I don't really know what that does and when you'd want to enable it.

Also, for some reason Battle Gear 3 just seems to not want to work with it, which is highly disappointing.

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I'm back.. I was doing home renovations and I did a even a quick Windows reinstall on my PC.
I tried to play again Gran Turismo 4 and set everything up with my dualshock 4 to emulate the Driving Force Pro. For the love of me I can't make it so I can use the rumble of the controller like I was able to do before.

Can you make it so QEMU Wheel emulation can use the rumble feature? or like transforms force feedback to rumble?
(11-09-2019, 02:38 PM)Naikjoy Wrote: set everything up with my dualshock 4 to emulate the Driving Force Pro.

Just install DS4Windows and make it act like a Xbox controller, assign L2 and R2 to your right stick up/down axis in game pad plugin settings and voila! You now have analog throttle and brakes!

I'm a noob of sim wheels, I just got this logitech G25 free from a friend and it's the first wheel+pedals I've ever used. I played a bit of Dirt Rally with the FFB settings in the profiler and game that I got from a youtube video of a rally driver.

Now I'd like to know what are the best settings for Gran Turismo 4 (and burnout 3 takedown as well if you can). If you don't know the best settings for that game, what are in general the best FFB settings in the profiler for sim racing games?

I have a Problem when i want to assign a key for "R3". The Game will only register "R2" or "L2" if i press the key for "R3". "R3" doesnt seem to work at all Sad

Known issue?
Hi Jackun!! Thks for this plugin!!

I'm just having a little issue. I can't configure the force feedback level.. It's always strong and low degree of turns in the GT4. Also the force feedback option is not been showed to select how strong ffb is to be or not..

Any idea what is happenig

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