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Qemu USB plugin (formerly known as USBqemu-wheel)
I've had some issues getting NASCAR Thunder 04 to recognize my wheel. I have a logitech g27 and while NT04 isn't specifically supported for qemu, the g27 is listed as a compatible wheel for the console version of the game, and I've heard other say that qemu should work with all wheels that are compatible for the console versions. I can use the wheel if I assign it controller inputs, but it would be nice to have feedbacks options if available. Anyone else run into an issue like this or have some solutions?

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Guys Im having some problem with this plugin... when I download it and unpack there are .dll .exp .lib files but in my pcsx2 folder are plugins are .ini files and in plugings I dont see usb whell plugin. What Im doying wrong?
Can anyone help ?
Hi, My main goal is to make a usable virtual flash drive to put a .cbc file into it, and then mount it with the usb plugin to update cheat files in Codebreaker.
So far, I've managed to have a program to mount the .img and read/write files on it.
But, when I try to run ULE and Codebreaker they don't recognize my flash drive. I've made sure I'm using the correct setting, and I've made sure the .img is fine (it's mountable on ImDisk).
Here are some images:

1. PCSX2 settings

 [Image: 2cf1413c74.png]

2. ImDisk

[Image: ee650835de.png]

3. ULE

[Image: b49c62efe1.png]
[Image: 220628de5b.png]

4. Codebreaker Day 1

[Image: 110cebc73d.png]

My question is, why does it not show my flash drive? Is it actually possible to do?
Did you unmount it from ImDisk?
(09-23-2020, 10:25 PM)jackun Wrote: Did you unmount it from ImDisk?

Oh yes, yes I have. ImDisk was just for testing purposes.

Should it be possible though?
(09-24-2020, 09:57 AM)jalovitrue Wrote: Oh yes, yes I have. ImDisk was just for testing purposes.

Should it be possible though?

Ok, it should show a message box if it can't open the file but silently fails if it can't read ini file. Does it uLaunchELF manage to read "clean" disk image? (e: works for me on linux)
So either something is borked in the plugin or ImDisk's changes something somehow making it "unreadable" to uLaunchELF.

E: SLUS_203.44 (0x5207CCA3) a.k.a CB v10 doesn't even try to read usb.
Is anyone got proper tutorial for making it as USB mass storage? Need it for GT4 photos

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