Qemu-usb Mass Storage issues with game and CLR DEV9plugin question
On The Usa Version of Socom: Combined assault it will not recognize the additional map packs on the image of the usb. Sony Released the Map packs for free towards the end of the online game and people still play it over xlink kai

Now when I configure the plugin to use the correct image, UlaunchELF will detect and be able to Browse the Mass Storage Drive with no issues and even add data.

However When trying to connect to an XLINK game the game map details will show as unavailable because it doesnt seem to be detecting the map packs or maybe the emulated device.  however the Logitech headset emulation works flawlessly with the game and socom 2.

I know the files and folders are in the correct places and so the only other thing i can think of is that maybe the plugin is handling the device properly when Socom tries to access the maps.

or maybe my image isnt properly formatted Is there anything else i can do to verify that my image is correctly formatted or is there any kind of log(s) that I can check or provide here to see what the error (if any) is? I used the sample 256mb image from the project github page and then put the maps into an iso and copied them from the iso on the virtual cd drive to the emulated mass storage drive via ulaunchelf inside of the emulator. So i know that The Mass Storage Device is recognized when using ulaunchelf but i dont think Socom Combined assault is seeing it. Perhaps i need to use a gamefix?

"CLR dev 9 question"
On a side note I did notice that the game created an hdd partition for socom combined assault. Is there anyway to modify the Raw hdd file and the partition of the Socom CA game and add the Map packs in the RUN folder inside of the game partition. Are there any utilities that would allow me to handle the raw disk image format from this plugin 
I know that the Game Supported the installation to the Offical Sony Hard Drive. And Ulaunchelf would not let me modify the partition of the game in anyway except i could delete it. I do know the name of the partition and i dont know if it would help but it is
PP.SCUS-97545..SOCOM_CA perhaps it is possible to manually create the partition in the proper format and add the files? 

I found a Video where a guy is a clone of a physical drive and is able to copy socom 2 map pack files from his usb drive Directly to the game partition and applied the old game patch with ulaunchelf. i noticed he also had the SOCOM3/CA map pack files on his usb, Now I also have the Socom 2 map files on my Emulated HDD and those are working properly but when i try to look in the same partition it cannot read its raw format. So i dont know what was done along the way and im not looking to use a copy of someone eleses files but somehow they were able to modify or write to the game partition (socom 2) savedata/mapdata. 

I also know You could also use a USB flash Drive on SOCOM 3 and CA and you could manually (directly copy)add the map pack files to the FAT32 formatted USB drive or download them in game and it would recognize them once you plugged in the USB drive but they also supported the offical sony HDD. So if i cant get the USB working my only guess is to find a way to manually create the partition and create the structure for the Map packs and copy over the files from the USB. and i know even if i am able to somehow modify the existing partition that the game automatically created or manually create one that copying the files may not work but Its worth a shot if i could modify the existing Vitrual hard drive image then i could at-least try that. I can Confirm that Socom Combined Assault is seeing the Emulated Harddrive and it created a partition so i think thats worth a shot. And it could even lead to the possibility of custom maps in the future and New Fanmade DLC

Socom3/CA was a heavily modded game when it was on original hardware and there are tools that will let you modify the maps and guns and stuff these days if you know how to code in mips and so there is a good chance the files will be the same format when used on the hdd.
Downloadable Content
The first map pack was released for a free two week trial on June 27, 2006. After the two week trial (July 11, 2006), players had the opportunity to purchase the map pack through the SOCOM Store in the SOCOM community section. The first map pack features three remakes of the SOCOM 2 expansion maps: After Hours, Last Bastion and Liberation. All three maps are playable in night or day as match type. The price for the first map pack is $5.99 (USD) and must be purchased through the SOCOM Store in the SOCOM community.
On November 19, 2007, a second map pack was released. The pack included Blizzard, Desert Glory, Blood Lake, and Abandon, which were all in SOCOM I.
On April 1, 2008, map pack 3 was released. Maps include FrostFire, Crossroads, FishHook, and Guidance. The same day an update was availble for the PS3 which alows you to save the maps directly to the PS3 hard drive. Map pack 3 was free to download, as was map packs 1 and 2 which previously were $5.99 each.
Compatible Storage Devices For SOCOM 3 Downloadable Content: USB Flash Drive, Sony Playstation 2 Internal Hard Disk Drive, Sony PlayStation Portable, and MP3 players that support USB Transfer mode.

It should be noted that I havent Tested Socom 3 with the Emulated Mass Storage Device but I can test it and see if the same thing happens. I would assume so but you know what they say about making assumptions. But Socom3 and CA will also play over lan and XLINK with each other. except socom 3 players will see an unavailble message on lobbies running CA maps or if they are part of the map packs and they are not installed.

Eventually They released a patch for the ps3 as well to be able to store these maps on its hard drive ( i know this is unrelated but i wanted to avoid any confusion )

I can post my logs and i can share a copy of the USB Mass storage device image for testing purposes(if requested). I don't think it would be a copyright issue as the maps were released for free

Edit: Added some Videos to show that the hdd is recognized and detected and shows that maps installation for socom 2.

Video2 is r0004 socom 2 patch showing the maps being detected.

Thank you for reading and any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Based_Skid, did you ever get the map packs working for you?

I spent hours trying to get Socom to recognize the maps via usb mass storage plugin but was unable to get it to work.
In the end I found a method of getting Socom CA to recognize the map packs from the PS2 HDD on X-Link Kai.

You were so close... It involved loading a FAT32 formatted iso with the maps on it to the mass storage plugin then using ulaunch.elf to copy the map files from the mass storage to the Socom CA partition on the HDD.

One thing I noticed is that Harvester and Blackwoods maps are unplayable on X-Link due to MAJOR slow down when facing the sun, even if buildings or mountains are blocking its view. I've tried every combinations of settings and can't fix the issue. All the other maps run flawlessly though.

If you need any more help getting this going feel free to give me a shout.
Finally got to test this with usb mass storage. For some reason SOCOM keeps looping between inquiring device name, size and reading first sector.

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