QoL Suggestion - Memory Cards, Tool Tip for Managed Saves
I'm not able to post in the developer forum (no post button) and this isn't a bug, so I'm posting this here.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I though the Folder type memory card was broken. The reason why is because I have 'Automatically manage saves based on running game' checked, and I thought my saves were getting deleted because they weren't showing up in the bios memory card manager. This is obvious in hind sight. What made it unintuitive is that the saves would show up [under memory card manager] for other memory card blob types.

A Qualify of Life improvement would be to have a tooltip at the bottom when mousing over the 'Automatically manage saves based on running game' that states that this only applies to the Folder type memory card. Maybe a sub note for dumb arses like myself stating that this includes the bios save tool and that using bios memory card management will require unticking this box.

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That tooltip wasn't yet ported to Qt but in latest WX nightly it will say it's only for the folder memcard.

I should port more stuff to Qt though.

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