Qt - skipdraw grayed out in custom configs
I'm trying to create custom configs for games which don't have automatic hardware renderer fixes because they're demo discs which wouldn't be in there.  However, that's when I realized that with any game, creating a custom config grays out Skipdraw and Texture Offsets, but only those two options.  These demo discs have intense graphical issues that their full-game counterparts don't have because fixes are properly applied to them.

Steps to reproduce:

1.  Right-click on any game.
2.  Go to the Rendering tab.
3.  Enable "Manual Hardware Renderer Fixes".
4.  Go to the Hardware Fixes and Upscaling Fixes tabs.

Skipdraw Range and Texture Offsets will be grayed out and unchangeable.  However, if you go to the global config (default config), they'll be changeable and not grayed out.  But that doesn't help me because I don't want skipdraw on all games.  I don't think this is the intended behavior but it's been like this for a while.  When Qt builds were first released, this wasn't the case, something must've broken it, and I need proper gameplay recordings of specific game demos for a project I'm working on, but this bug is preventing that from happening.

Screenshots of the grayed out options attatched.

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yep, we know, it'll get fixed...
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