Quad Core Underclock
Is it possible to underclock a quad to run on only 2 cores? Would this increase performance as opposed to using all 4 cores? Am I talking total nonsense?

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Nonsense, number or cores is a physical thing that cannot be modified at least by any kind of conventional methods and it wouldnt bring benefit really. Even when the very few board that let you "disable" them they wouldnt help performance gains they are more for compatibility.

Under/Over clocking is a completelly different thing, it consists in running a hardware component at different frequency or "clock cycles per second" than it was designed for. This would bring higher performance in the case of overclocking at the risk of lessening the span life of the hardware however done correctly this can be very good Tongue2
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Some motherboards, like mine, let me disable cores on my processor but yeah, it won't help performance. PCSX2 uses the cores it needs and the other two are free to do whatever else the PC is doing at the time.
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Yeah, I kinda figured. Also, I realized I posted in the wrong section, my bad.
However, on Windows is it quite easy to change how many cores the OS uses:
  • Open the Run-prompt (Win+R or by the Start menu)
  • Type in msconfig and hit enter.
  • Go to the Boot tab.
  • Click on Advanced Options.
  • Change how many cores should be used by altering the Number of processors list.
  • Restart you computer.

And no, no performance gain will be seen.
You won't get performance gains in pcsx2. And you'll get performance drops in any app that uses the 4 cores.

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