HI ,as you know I posted the thread on me being a noob and I still amBlush
(My version is 0.9.6)

So anyways i'm just wondering on youtube theres a user called JustStayDown8800 and he has a crazy fast version of SvR 09 for PCSX2 and I told him my systems settings :

Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.40GHz
3.39GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM

Then he told me to Overclock it to 4.00 GHz in order to get good performance and Im just wondering what that means.
and how to overclock it if it does not require buying something.


PS. what speed hacks can be used for version 0.9.6 to make it as fast as possible. what sre the settings for that version that will make the fastest possible gaming?

Thanks again guys love this forum! Tongue

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Overclock means going past the "stock" CPU speed. So from 3.40GHz you will increase your CPU speed by .6GHz to achieve a 4GHz speed.

You will need a Overclocking software. I dont remember which one is used for a P4 though. You can try to search google for it or maybe someone knows one.

You can use ALL speed Hacks. just turn them on.

Personally don't expect much from a P4. Better upgrade if you really want good speeds.Smile
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Use your bios to make the necessary changes if possible, software is a last resort.
Check & for guides and tips on your particular cpu.
Don't jump into overclocking if you have never done it before. Jumping from 3.6 to 4.0 may not sound like much, but you're pushing the processor much faster than it was ever meant to go.

Heat is most definitely going to be a concern, if you do decide to overclock keep a weary eye on the temperature sensors. An aftermarket heatsink would help, but you're better off saving your monies for a better CPU than trying to extend the P4's lifespan Tongue
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Thanks for all the support and help and stuff and after al understanding im disappointed but All help has been givin so thanks guys......

anyways how do you upgrade the system and what is the most suited speed hacks to make it go a maximun speed for my compy?

and also cna someone give me the best settings for the game and the controls? i'm new to PS2 so yeah it's hard. Blush

Again Thanks very much.
You're asking very 'unanswerable' questions. The best settings, speedhacks etc.. differ from game to game. Use google and search on how to modify your system.

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