[Question]Dualshock 2 to USB adapter and analog button support
If there's already a solution to this please forgive my ignorance.

A while back I bought a Dualshock 2 to USB adapter and recently I have started playing around with PS2 emulation; however, after light research (adhd+google) I've found out that while Windows by default does not support analog buttons, lilly pad does, me being new to using pcsx2 I have no idea how I would set up the PS2 controller to allow the use of analog buttons (if at all possible). I have also heard that certain USB adapters have support for the analog buttons built into their drivers (such as the Super Dual Box Pro PS2 to USB adapter from Mayflash).

So my question is this: Is there actually any way to use the analog buttons of the Dualshock 2 on pcsx2 and if so how would I set it up?

Side-Note: I understand this normally isn't a huge issue since very few games actually take advantage of the analog buttons; but, I've wanted to replay the Metal Gear Solid series and the analog buttons of the Dualshock 2 plays a huge role in the gameplay of 2 and 3.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
Thanks for reading my post.

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Nefarius had to make a custom xinput proxy dll to make scp toolkit allow pressure sensitive buttons since xinput and directinput do not support pressure sensitive button inputs (only analogue sticks and triggers).

I don't think any standard adapter would be able to just add that in, but maybe something very specialized like the bliss box might, but even then it would need special controller libraries compatible with one of the controller plugins for PCSX2 to work.

Honestly the PS3/4 with either scp toolkit (pre windows 10 x64 systems) or fireshock (32bit win 7 or anything win 10) would be a far easier and more useful way to get pressure sensitive buttons in PCSX2. It might also be one of the only ways (it is the only certain way I personally know of)
Yeah the Bliss-Box does support it.

The program seen below is open source and free to sample from..

It is written in c# using c DLL exports so c or c# is simple enough to use. The only downfall is that the PCSX2 team would need to implement this. It is also proprietary to Bliss-Box. Though the goal of Bliss-Box is to make it work with all controllers and all emulators. Pretty much a one adapter solution.

Quote:but even then it would need special controller libraries compatible with one of the controller plugins for PCSX2 to work.
The way this is done is via usb raw (feature get reports). It is done this way to remain driver independent. So PCSX2 just needs to send the USB request over.

The following video is part of the dev log.

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