Question For A Pcsx2 Guru
My specs are:

I5 2410m 2.3ghz
IGP Intel HD 3000 (I know crappy)
4gb RAM

I just want to play my final fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts 1-2 , If anyone has the same specs what are your settings for these games or what would you suggest besides me getting a better laptop or desktop

thanks in advance.Smile

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Core i5 user?

Download latest SVN of PCSX2:

Your GPU are prone to bottleneck your performance..

Got low FPS? Try:

1. Enabling speedhacks including MTVU (Disable if breaks game)
2. Set your resolution in GSdx to "Native"
3. Change EE/IOP and VU Clamp modes to "None" (Revert back if game broken)
4. Wait for someone to post something better
That processor will do great with those games,
but that GPU is gonna be the weak point.

Make sure you set the internal resolution low in the GS plugin.
is your laptop is brand new and bought less than a week considered a refund or change laptop w/ a GPU dedication.
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