Question: How to start up a game?
First off I did do a search of: How do I play a game?
I came up to the FAQ and read this:

1) dump your own bios and put it into the bios folder
2) configure the emulator (read section 3 below)
3) get your Ps2 game discs ready, or make an iso of them for faster access
4) configure the cdvdrom plugin to point to those iso/discs
5) file->run->cd/dvd

Game Used: Final Fantasy X-2 NTSC SLUS 20672GH
(Because it's Playable on the Compatibility List)

I have ps2 bios v1.60 , configured the emulator, configured cdvd to the .img iso of the ps2 game, tried run cd/dvd and nil.

After I 'File>Run>Cd/Dvd', it does the isoreadblock, and loads only the PS2 startup screen (ex. Turning on a PS2 with no game disk inserted).
I tried to run cd/dvd again while on the PS2 startup screen = bsod Laugh

No clue what else is going wrong Glare

Output screenshot after I ran the iso.
[Image: j6rf.jpg]

Your time and feedback is much appreciated Laugh! Thank you

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Can you see this?

SYSTEM.CNF not found

I think the problem is your ISO.
Pentium Dual Core E5300@4GHz by AKASA Nero
Nvidia 9600GT XFX stock
3GB DDR2 800MHz

Sorry for my bad english.
Sounds like you are trying to run a disc with an iso plugin.Use Peops CDVD for running actual discs directly after configuring it properly
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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