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Question! ^_^a
is it possible to transfer my save file from my emulator into another one?

e.g 0.9.6 to another version or something!?

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1.Using the BIOS
2.Using mymc
hump... bios, how?.. use the same bios to another version?


thanks for info xD..
Just select for CDVD plugin(if you're not using the newest beta)the CDVDnull,set your cards from Config=>Memcards and after that use the File=>Run CD.After that just copy your saves from your first/second card to your second/first card like you did on your PS2
This is a program that works with the pcsx2 memory cards,just open the card,extract the save,open your other card and import your saves
OK got cha..

many thanks xD
yes it's is transferrable my old MCD was 0.9.4 and 2 yrs old now and had been migrated to 0.9.6 to latest beta.

-a MCD file from 0.9.4 can be migrated to 0.9.6
-a MCD file from 0.9.6 can be migrated to latest beta
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ahh ok thanks
You don't even have to run seperate versions in their own directory. Simply name them different things. Currently I have 1474, 15XX (forget exactly which revision off the top of my head) and latest SVN (1660 was the last time I updated) in the same directory so that I don't constantly have to shuffle memorycard directories or anything else.

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