Question about Ar Tonelico 2
I've search on this forum, but couldn't find an answer for this yet. Has anyone managed to get past the Phase 5 freeze thing in this game on PCSX2? Thanks.

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If your talking about the battle between Raki then yes...there is patch(to patch the ISO) and Code Breaker cheat(to just use cheat to fix that problem rater than partching the game)to fix that problem

There is also a cheat to have unlimited attack phase and that's preaty much is a fix too
I mean the loading screen glitch when trying to load to world map.
(03-20-2009, 06:36 PM)Alec Wrote: I mean the loading screen glitch when trying to load to world map.

I had that freeze but on my PS2 and I pass it on my second try.Make sure you save(not save state) before going there and try again.

I've encontered several times this freeze while I'm going to the world map and somewhere I've read that this problem is because of the very fast transfer rate of data(from my HDD is very fast).

I'm not really sure how I pass that point(using my disk or did I try again from my hdd).You may try to run the game from the disk and use P.E.Op.S CDVD and set the reading speed to 2x or 4x and try with different caching modes.You can also mount the image and use P.E.Op.S again to limit the speed but I don't know if this will have any effect.Or if you have Nero,use the program called Nero DriveSpeed to limit the speed of spinning the disk and in that way to reduce the transfer rate

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