Question about BIOS
I have BIOS for every region, japanese, NTSC and PAL. When I configured for the first time PCSX2 I chose NTSC BIOS because the first game I wanted to play was USA (Tales of the Abyss). Now I buyed a japanese game (KH2: Final Mix +), but I don't know how to select the JPN BIOS! I have to manually change or PCSX2 automatically chooses the correct BIOS?
Thanks, and sorry for bad english.

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in PCSX2 it doesn't matter your BIOS is PAL or NTSC so don't change anything and play normally
... Really? I have all the possible BIOS... So I have just to select the iso and play?
You must also own all PS2 consoles those bios files came from to have them legally. And we will not support pirates in this forum as our rules state.
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You can select the BIOS in the PCSX2's Components selector dialogue box, which can be opened by going to the Config menu and selecting "Plugin/BIOS selector". That's for PCSX2 0.9.8.
Thx Hackett! I dunno why my e-mail account doesn't send me a notification about new posts on this thread... Anyway, I changed idea about buying that game so I'll try when I'll buy a new Jpn or European game.
Bosit, I have the consoles don't worry Laugh
its completely off topic but its funny to see Sephiroth and then Cloud posting in the same forum one right after another haha....
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