Question about Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2

I have an question concerning this game. I am fully aware that it is only "Menus", some people were able to get it into game but later it crashed or something like that.

But it is a bit different for me. Game work - not perfectly, but actually work. Graphics looks glitchy (you probably know what I mean), right half of screen is missing but it is possible to play it "normally". Spells, fighting, moving and talking is ok. I must say also that second part of game works at normal speed for me, while the first part a bit slow.

Because of that I want to ask - is there known solution to get the right half of screen working? Glitchy graphics isn't much of a problem and if there would be right half of the screen it would be possible to play game almost normally.

I hope for a fast reply,

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GSdx software rendering would fix that issue but it also crashes pretty quickly due to malformation data.
So nope, currently there's no good way to fix it.

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