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Question about CRC
(11-14-2013, 12:06 AM)LYSEvil Wrote: How exactly does PCSX2 find the CRC for a game?

It calculates it.
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Well that was very specific, Thanks for nothing... What a waste of damn time
You're welcome you ungreatful wretch. Next time be more specific if you want more detail.
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Being angry at long time members that have a track record of helping others probably isnt the best start. That being said, check out the general information on CRC's here:

It will give you a general understanding about what they are and why they are used.

Also if you were wondering about my research methods, this might help Smile
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What makes the rude reply yet more stupid is that Refraction's answer was succinct and correct and complete. The CRC is calculated by the program instead reading it somewhere (albeit the actual function of CRC is to be calculated and compared with a previously stored value).

Still the user LYSEvil is right, answering to him was a complete loss of time to everyone and clearly above the comprehension capacity of at least one (hint, hint) Smile
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