Question about EE and res
So my system specs are:
Amd Anthlon IIx4 3.0GHZ
GTX 460
4gb Ram
Win7 64 bit.
Monitor 1440x900
PcsX2 0.9.3876 beta
Direct 3d11 Hardware
Question when playing final fantasy my EE would sometimes goes to almost 100 but i would still have 58-60 fps.I was wondering and i doing something wrong??and also what should I set my internal res to so that the graphics of my games dont look fuzzy?

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There's nothing wrong with the EE getting that high, unless you are losing FPS.

The graphics look fuzzy? Are you on native? Cause your GPU should be able to handle pretty high resolutions. Probably should just go with what your screen's resolution is, I guess.
Nope not native my internal is 2048x2048
And sometimes I do lose fps and it slows down a little goes down to about 30-40.Normally with limiter normal I have 50-60.Upper 50's mostly.
Have you cycled through the interlacing options while in-game with F5? I can't think of much else that'd help if it's already at 2048x2048, other than AA. Maybe try using scaling instead.

When at 2048x2048 and the FPS drops, does the GS% basically max out? That usually means your GPU is limiting the speed, in this case would be due to excessive resolution.
No my GS never goes past 50 I think i lost fps during legaia 2,but I had heard that the game runs slow.It was touching EE 99 to 100 but final fantasy is mostly fine I dont really lose any when playing FFX.Also last question does anyone know what to do about Digital Devil saga jittering??
Also i take back what i said about FFX because sometimes the cutscenes seem to slow down
Can anyone help is my comp too slow
Set GSdx to use 2x scaling instead of your 2048*2048.
Also enable the recommended speedhacks in PCSX2.

For Digital Devil Saga you'll need interlacing. Press F5 while the game runs until it looks fine to you.
Nvm the 2048x2048 is working for me,but what are the recommended speedhacks??Does the GS slow it down?

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