Question about Freesynic/adaptive sync/VRR?
For starters my GPU is an RTX 2060 Super and my monitor is 144Hz with freesync. Currently using 1.5-dev-X builds of PSCX2. OS is Win10.

I remember couple/few months ago (don't remember the exact date) I played through Crash Twinsanity and when I enabled fullscreen it would trigger freesync (this can be verified by my montior's OSD, the reported refresh rated would change from 144hz and oscillate around 60hz).

Now whenever I play games in fullscreen, freesync does not activate and the refresh rates stays at 144hz. I'm assuming the cause if this would be Nvidia driver updates (or maybe Windows?) between now and then because I tested it with the same build of PCSX2. Freesync also works the same as it always did in windows games, retroarch and dolphin.

My questions are.

1. Is there a way to ensure freesync gets triggered for PCSX2? (I tried the changing the nvidia 3d application settigns and it didin't do anthing?)
2. Is there even any benefit, theoretical or otherwise, to having freesync enabled in PCSX2? Any difference in input lag?

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