Question about GSDX builds
Hey guys I recently started to get into the actual beta and recent releases of pcsx2. I started using the most recent gsdx10 (I think it is 0.1.14) and the recent beta you all have posted. I have incredible speed increase with this and some of the games are playable, even flawless. I notice that a lot of people are saying to use the recent rev. of the new gsdx (which I believe is 9&10 combined, but I am not sure) but when I use the rev on gabest thread than I do not get anywhere close to as fast as I am getting with the old gsdx10 plugin. I was wondering if I am doing something wrong with the config. I have all speed hacks enabled with pcsx2 beta, and I am running both gsdx plugins with dx10 hardware. If anyone could help me with some info of what the new gsdx plugin really is and how I might better use it, that would be great. Thanks.

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It's basically due to either regressions from trying to fix something or more correct code being slower. He's always tweaking it though.
Which GSdx did you try? what other settings you use? what is your PC specs? what game did you try? what's the speed difference?
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