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Question about God Of War
Guys I'm getting some arctifacts when the in game starts so I'm wondering if you are also having this issue?

God of War PAL version.

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as far as I remember, this game wasn't 'playable'
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checked the gamefix?
Yes, actually is playable but at the beginning of the battle in the ship you can see some artifacts, so is playable but I would like to know if there's a way to void those artifacts.

I'll take some pics tonight and show you what happens.
No,there is no known fix for that and is a pretty hard to solve bug...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
DOon't post pics please. We all know that game, and there is no way as of now to aboid those glitches
I'd say give up and play on PS2 for now. Even with the game fix enabled, it won't do you any good.

just tried it now
it has big potentinal...i say this because it can run very good

but to hell with those damn spike polygons and other graphical glitches
sometimes the image is 75% perfect

but most of the time is full of graphical glitchesAngry
is there absolutely no way?Unsure

tried again with the new release...playground
it's almost fine...i have small spike polygons only from kratos

OMG! im gonna play it nowBiggrin
As it was already said, no there is nothing to do for now. It's a very hard to solve bug. Your only choice s to wait. And hope.
welcome to the 'sonic unleashed' problem. It's buggy as heck, you can barely even see where you're doing with that game (in S.U.)
3.0ghz E8400 Dual Core Processor
4 Gigs Corsair DDR2 RAM
(2x)8800GT SLI (dual cards)

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