Question about PS2/PS3 Memory Card Adapter
I ordered a PS2/3 memory card adapter online and I've two questions.
I'm assuming that save data can be transferred from PS2 MC -> PS3 -> PC, correct? (1)

The adapter connects the devices through a USB, so would I technically be able to use it as a PS2/PC adapter? (2)

What I have looks like this:

Also, whether it be the above procedures (1) or (2), what would the output file types be? Can they be imported into Pcsx2 with MyMC?

Thanks on any advice!

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No the memory card adaptor cannot be used on a PC. I have tried and googled it but there are no drivers for it so a PC will just recognize it as some mass storage device and you can't do anything from there.

You can use it to get your save games from your PS2 memory cards to a 60 (And 80GB PS3 as well I think) virtual PS2 memory card.

If you want to then move your save game over to your PC for use with PCsx2 then you can use any kind of USB mass storage device that the PS3 will recognize and copy your saves from the PS3 to the USB device, then move them to the PC.

That is the short version of it. To really get your save from your PS2 memory card to pcsx2 takes quite a few steps but it is possible.
Alright thanks.
Too bad the files can be transferred directly from the PS2 mc to the PC.. it'd be so much easier. :|

Ah well. Wink
More importantly I wish a driver came out that let us go backwards. Go from your save in pcsx2 and put it back on your physical PS2 memory card. Would be great for the times when pcsx2 has a crash in a game that there is no way to get around it but play it on the original console.

As of now I think you would need an action replay for that but using the memory card adaptor would be so much easier.
Hello, has there been any update about this? now their are drivers.
people have got it to work with ps1 cards but am unable to find anything about ps2 cards?
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